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collectief z.a.t

zakelijke alliantie theater en andere

collectief z.a.t is a pliable creation-collectif, with a creative appetite. Based in Brussels, universal in mind and most of all stubborn in a healthy way. collectief z.a.t originates from the desire of having a platform, a base to work together in an unforced and collegial way and to keep on experimenting. z.a.t sees itself as a creation-collectif, where a mishmash of media (theater, performance, textile art, dramaturgy and theory, visual arts and documentary) comes together and constantly enters into dialogue.

collectief z.a.t sets certain baselines. It wants to search for art’s place within the city. Besides that, z.a.t looks and keeps on looking for the most ideale gamerules to connect people in a comfortable way. Together with the audience, the cityspace and and the artworks itself, z.a.t tries to create a weave, in which new connections constantly take place. From those new connections the dramaturgy of each new project emerges. The collective’s focus lies on the project, rather than the artwork itself. That way, z.a.t doesn’t present it’s work as terminus, but rather as a new question, a new point of departure.

The work of z.a.t presents itself within the building of spaces (sometimes literally), in which small encounters can take place. Far away from the theater and the museum, z.a.t wants to start a conversation with one another and with its fellow men.

collectief z.a.t is Julie Behaegel, Marie Peeters, Bas Van Hoeck en Julie Van Kerckhoven.


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